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“Hi there, 
I wanted to share some pics of Ellie and her new sister (dog) and brother (cat)! She is SUCH a sweet girl and has fit in so easily! 
She has her first appointment with our vet tomorrow morning and I’m sure she’ll do great — she’s already been to get a bath, out to eat with us for some patio dining, and to PetSmart and Home Depot, and she has done so well everywhere!
Thanks for all you do!”
– Kristen

“I just wanted to update y’all about adopting Boo from you back in January.  He is a WONDERFUL cat!!  He couldn’t be any sweeter, I think.  He has adapted well to our home, and he has settled into our rhythms.  He cried a LOT when we first got him, but he’s now pretty chill and relaxed and just AWESOME!  We brought him home in mid-January, around the 13th or 14th or so, and he was doing great.  Then, in June, my husband and I rescued a couple of kittens that had been dumped at the Salado Creek Greenway, and so Boo has had to acclimate to kittens.  They are slowly finding their way together, and they’re all doing pretty well.  The kittens were neutered by our vet, and everyone is healthy and relatively happy.  
Anyway, I just wanted to let you know how much we love our boy!  It breaks my heart a little bit to know that he was given away and that he could have been put down.  He has made every day better in our household!  He is just as sweet as he can be!  He’s also just the perfect image for Halloween, which is why I’m writing this today!
Thank you for all you do in taking care of the animals of SATX!
Carol and Dave”

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“We adopted Charlie (then known as Brock, one of the parvo puppies you saved!) back in October 2016. He was a shy 4-month old who quickly grew into a lovable goofball who now sneezes on command as his favorite trick!
Lola (previously Flower) adopted in May 2017 after she had her right front leg amputated. She was withdrawn and unsure of everything back then. With lots of love, patience and a lot of encouragement from Charlie to play, she has become the Queen of her world and is the most affectionate dog we know!
We travel for work a lot, and they love the long car rides and new places to sniff around! This picture is Charlie and Lola today, with my daughter Aly, in the Petrified Forest National Park in Arizona! They look pretty calm in the picture, but they were non-stop explorers, and are the most enthusiastic hikers in our family!
Thank you, San Antonio Pets Alive! for all the work you do! Thank you for saving our silly, rambunctious dogs so they could bring so much laughter and adventure into our lives! And thank you for never giving up!”
-Claire, Aly, Charlie and Lola


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