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Happy Tails – Page 2


Another #HappyTail by one of our adopters, @jeniquante: “I took you in to do my part. You turned around and stole my heart. Top photo is from her intake at SAPA last spring. Bottom photo is from yesterday at my ranch. Happy #adoptiversary to my Lucy Goosey”


Dot was saved by a foster and just found a forever home! Thank you Lawrence for fostering and saving this sweet soul. If you’d like to learn more about fostering, visit


After 221 days and with the help of Petco and Petco Foundation, Claudia is a Cali girl now!


Thanks to our donors, pets like Stella are given a second chance every day!


After 339 days and a team effort, Buster has his forever home!


Look at Mikey in his home!!! Adult big dogs ROCK! Consider adopting or fostering an adult dog. Adult dogs are often past the chewing, already or easily house trained, and appreciate their life saver deeply!


Periwinkle is happy as can be in her forever home! Periwinkle and her siblings were taken in by our Kitten Nursery when they were just a few days old and nursed back to health. When Periwinkle finally reached adoption age, our friend at WOAI gave her the loving home she deserved!


We saved 100 lives from euthanasia last week, and Dakota is just one of our rescued pets that found a family! She’s smitten with her new parents, and special thanks goes out to the SAPA fosters and volunteers that helped her get all the way to her new home in Pennsylvania!


Thank you for another successful week of saving lives! We rescued 133 cats and dogs last week from euthanasia 🙂


It’s been almost a year since Dakota found her forever family, and she’s happier than ever! She is healthy and very, very loved. Dakota enjoys hiking and even gets along with the family cat! Congratulations Dakota, we’re so happy we could help you find the perfect home!


Today marks the one year anniversary of this big guy’s adoption, and his life is filled with just as much love as it was the day he met his forever family 🙂


Sierra and her boyfriend saved Atticus a year ago through SAPA and it’s been a year of puppy love. Atticus has blossomed into a gentle friendly boy and went from death row to a loved family member! Thanks Sierra!


These babies all found their forever homes! Now they’re just looking forward to taking off those cones of shame.


Josie is so happy in her new home! She loves belly rubs and even gets along great with the family rabbit. Her new mommy Linda says that she’s an amazing addition to their family and they’ve all fallen head over heels for her. Congrats Josie!


Check out this happy adoption update: “#tbt to adoption day 5/24/15 when I was lucky enough to take this sweet muffin home, sarcoptic mange and all. Thank you #sanantoniopetsalive for saving lives!


Sadie loves her new home! Her brothers Milo and Max are teaching her a thing or to about how to be a dog, and her infectious personality has her family head over heels in love. Congrats Sadie, you’re literally too cute for words!


Dodger – They grow up so fast!!!


Gina saved Lizette Wigglebottom (Lizzie) from euthanasia. From Gina the adopter: “Lizzie is 6 years old and amazing! She already sleeps under the covers with my 6 year old.” Thank you Gina! Have a great life Lizzie, you, and all dogs and kitties, deserve it.


“Um, I think we have an idea of Raylan’s favorite activity in his new home….. check out these pictures! Raylan was adopted and his human Ashleigh says he has a big brother and 3 human siblings who adore him! Yay! You can save a life! Foster or donate today!! It takes resources to save lives: people, money, vet care, supplies!”


Fostering saves lives!! Looky Maximus, saved by a foster, adopted,and now he gets to relax in the pool. His sibling was also adopted by a family friend and comes over for pool parties! Please donate and help us save lives – it takes resources to save Or drop by blankets, towels, bleach, detergent, old medications, flea meds at any of our locations listed on our

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