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Happy Tails


This is Petey! We adopted him from the Paul Jolly Center about a year ago!


Gretzky was adopted from SAPA about a year ago, and a couple weeks ago his family came back to find him a buddy. They adopted Sammy, and as you can see the pair quickly became best friends. “Thank you for providing my family with two amazing dogs”, says their adopter Sarah. “We love that they call our home their home as well.” We’re so excited these two have found each other, and that they have an amazing family to spoil them for the rest of their little doggy lives!


Last week was an awesome one, with 136 total lives saved from euthanasia! One of the pets who found their second chance last week was Rocky, a sweet boy that came to us with a fractured pelvis. Rocky has been an absolute rockstar during his recovery and is even starting to run again, and this weekend he found his forever home! Congratulations to Rocky, and to all the other dogs and cats who found families!


Susie didn’t care too much for shelter life, but since her adoption 3 months ago she’s become a happy, loving princess!


Jasmine recently celebrated her 1 year adoption anniversary! Her mom is looking forward to many more happy years to come: Can’t believe that it’s been a year since this bundle of joy has been in my life! She sure is my companion, friend and daughter! Glad that we were able to save her!”v


Carly adopted Wesley from our Paul Jolly Adoption Center: “I couldn’t be more blessed to have such a wonderful dog. He’s so loyal and obedient and I didn’t even train him! Thanks to the staff there who pointed me in the right direction, and for their general kindness. He means the world to me. He has been such a joy, and I’m glad to have a part in rescuing a dog’s life.” Thank you Carly for adopting and giving Wesley a great home!


Rigley loves his new family and home! There’s no better kiss than a “thank you for saving me” kiss 🙂


The difference a little love makes is amazing! The executive director of Petco Foundation gave this girl a makeover after rescuing her through us. She’s a beauty!


Joey Girl was adopted a year ago from our Paul Jolly Adoption Center. They grow up so fast! Thank you to her adopter Cheryl for giving her a great home.


Jalene shared a “Happy Tail” with us after recently adopting Royal! “Here is a picture of Royal, a chocolate lab my family adopted a couple months ago. He was the brother to two sisters whom all had bad ring worm. He is now my children’s best friend, and he is doing fabulous.”


Xander was adopted over a year ago! His family thinks he’s quite happy with the way things have turned out…


An hour into our #YappyHour and Felicia has already found her forever home! We know you’ve got a great life ahead of you Felicia, and we’re so excited we could be a part of it!

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