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Every year, we have a special day to celebrate our day of birth with our loved ones. Our furry family members are no exception to the birthday festivities as it gives us a reason to celebrate our loyal best friends who have stolen our hearts.

April 26th is an extra- special birthday to celebrate for anyone who loves pets. It’s the day we celebrate Maddie, a beloved Miniature Schnauzer whose unconditional love, devotion, loyalty and spirit inspired a revolution, and the formation of a charitable foundation, Maddie’s Fund® in her honor. Her family has fulfilled their promise to Maddie that if they ever had the money, they would give back to her and her kind so other families could experience the same joy with their own special pet. The foundation has endowed Maddie’s Fund with over $300 million and given grants to organizations across the country for their life-saving work.

San Antonio Pets Alive is grateful to Maddie’s Fund for all the ways they have supported our lifesaving efforts. Thanks to Maddie, SA Pets Alive! is helping realize the dream of a #HumaneCitySA. Maddie’s Fund has provided emergency funding for SAPA!’s Hurricane Harvey efforts, our innovative Staycation fostering program, and leadership roles that have helped us grow as an organization.

  • Hurricane Harvey created hardship for many and put hundreds of animals’ lives at risk. SA Pets Alive! took in an additional 300 cat and dogs into their shelters and foster homes in their time of need. We are still seeing the aftermath of this natural disaster and continuing to help those animals in need due to shelter loss and increased stray populations. To-date, we have saved over 500 animals from the Texas Coastal Bend.
  • Our Staycation Program was created last year to provide flexible fostering opportunities to our community. By taking a dog out for an afternoon or 1-2 nights, Staycation Fosters give them time outside of the kennel, the opportunity to try something new, and added exposure to potential adopters. SA Pets Alive!’s efforts were inspired by a study launched by Maddie’s Fund. The study revealed that dogs benefit from spending time with a loving person outside of a kennel environment, and the psychological benefits extend even after their return.
  • Leadership Roles are crucial in the organization to help guide program growth, manage fundraising, and provide support for daily operations. Maddie’s Fund has helped SA Pets Alive! tremendously by investing in our foundation in this way.

SA Pets Alive! is grateful to be one of the many rescues who have received funding because of Maddie’s Fund. Today is a special day for a beloved dog that will forever be remembered by animal lovers. #ThanksMaddie, today we celebrate you!


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