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We all like to treat ourselves now and then — a spa day, an ice cream cone, or a relaxing nap can be just the thing to boost our moods and re energize our daily lives. We are now helping the pets housed at our facilities reap the benefits of these types of little treats.

With our new “Stay-cation Foster” program we pair dogs in SAPA! facilities with good Samaritans who want to help make a dog’s life brighter while enjoying the companionship of a furry pal for a few hours…or longer.



Not only will the pup benefit from the stay-cation, but you will as well! Here are 5 benefits to spending time with a dog:

  1. Dogs are good for your health. You know that saying, those with pets live, longer…it’s true. Let’s face it, life comes with many stressors, and stress is not good on anyone. Why take a break from life and de-stress with fun loving pooch?
  2. Puppy play date anyone? Enhance your dog’s social skills and exercise level with a foster dog play date.
  3. Got dog fever? Are you looking to add a furry friend to your pack, but aren’t sure if you or your pets are ready? Try fostering for a few hours and get a glimpse of what life is like with an adorable addition.
  4. Can’t commit to dog ownership? No worries, fostering is right up your alley. Come treat yourself and foster dog to nice long stroll and stop for a puppuccino at Starbucks.
  5. Endorphins booster? Yup, that is exactly what a stay-cation pup will do for you. They will make you feel amazing, because you are…you are taking the time to give a dog a break and in return you will get unconditional love.


When you take a dog on a stay-cation, these are the benefits you are giving that pooch:

  1. Give a dog a break or a bone…or both! Being kenneled does not sound fun for any dog. They were meant to run, jump and play. When you take a dog on a stay-cation, you’re giving them a break to stretch their legs and be connected with the outside world.
  2. You are so loved! Being in a kennel is not ideal for a dog, they are probably confused and feel vulnerable. Taking a dog out and connecting with them will show them that they are loved and safe.
  3. Bust out of your shell. Dogs living in a kennel setting don’t always show their true personalities. Some may seem fearful or very shy, but once you take them out and let them warm up to their new surrounds, it’s a whole new dog!
  4. You can increase the chances of the dog’s adoption. Some dogs might need a little refining and by spending a couple hours teach your stay-cation pup a few new manners will help him find his forever home.
  5. Every pooch needs some relaxation. Studies show that even an hour out of the shelter environment helps to reduce stress both short and long-term for a pup.


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