Happy Birthday Maddie from SA Pets Alive!

Every year, we have a special day to celebrate our day of birth with our loved ones. Our furry family members are no exception to the birthday festivities as it gives us a reason to celebrate our loyal best friends who have stolen our hearts.

April 26th is an extra- special birthday to celebrate for anyone who loves pets. It’s the day we celebrate Maddie, a beloved Miniature Schnauzer whose unconditional love, devotion, loyalty and spirit inspired a revolution, and the formation of a charitable foundation, Maddie’s Fund® in her honor. Her family has fulfilled their promise to Maddie that if they ever had the money, they would give back to her and her kind so other families could experience the same joy with their own special pet. The foundation has endowed Maddie’s Fund with over $300 million and given grants to organizations across the country for their life-saving work.

San Antonio Pets Alive is grateful to Maddie’s Fund for all the ways they have supported our lifesaving efforts. Thanks to Maddie, SA Pets Alive! is helping realize the dream of a #HumaneCitySA. Maddie’s Fund has provided emergency funding for SAPA!’s Hurricane Harvey efforts, our innovative Staycation fostering program, and leadership roles that have helped us grow as an organization.

  • Hurricane Harvey created hardship for many and put hundreds of animals’ lives at risk. SA Pets Alive! took in an additional 300 cat and dogs into their shelters and foster homes in their time of need. We are still seeing the aftermath of this natural disaster and continuing to help those animals in need due to shelter loss and increased stray populations. To-date, we have saved over 500 animals from the Texas Coastal Bend.
  • Our Staycation Program was created last year to provide flexible fostering opportunities to our community. By taking a dog out for an afternoon or 1-2 nights, Staycation Fosters give them time outside of the kennel, the opportunity to try something new, and added exposure to potential adopters. SA Pets Alive!’s efforts were inspired by a study launched by Maddie’s Fund. The study revealed that dogs benefit from spending time with a loving person outside of a kennel environment, and the psychological benefits extend even after their return.
  • Leadership Roles are crucial in the organization to help guide program growth, manage fundraising, and provide support for daily operations. Maddie’s Fund has helped SA Pets Alive! tremendously by investing in our foundation in this way.

SA Pets Alive! is grateful to be one of the many rescues who have received funding because of Maddie’s Fund. Today is a special day for a beloved dog that will forever be remembered by animal lovers. #ThanksMaddie, today we celebrate you!


Hello from Lacy

Below find a very special letter to YOU from Lacy herself!
With only 12 hours left to give and get 2017 tax deductions, 
Lacy asked you to help keep hope alive in 2018 by giving NOW!
Every dollar is matched up to $50,000!

Hello Everyone! 

Lacy here, I haven’t met most of you in person, but I am grateful to you. My life has changed a lot in the last few months and it is all because of you!

When I was kenneled in Houston, I was terrified. Before that, I had lived on the streets for as long as I could remember. Though I love people I had never been fortunate enough to have one of my own. When I saw Maureen in the shelter, I could tell that she was someone who could help me. As she walked away, I saw my chance to escape and I was taking it. I didn’t want her to leave without me.

I felt so lucky when Maureen took me with her. Her voice and eyes were kind and I knew she would care for me. Boy was I right. The first thing they did at the SAPA! Clinic was put me in a bath full of warm water. It felt so good, I finally got relief, I couldn’t remember the last time I wasn’t itchy. As I cuddled into a safe warm bed for the first time ever, I was told that Rebecca was coming for me in the morning. I wasn’t sure who Rebecca was but I was pretty flattered she was coming just for me!

Rebecca sure does know how to spoil a girl. At her house I got lots of hugs, regular spa treatments, and even sparkly clothes to wear. She even took me to a fancy party where I met dolphins, that’s right y’all...dolphins!!! I’ve never had so much fun, everyone seemed to love me and I made so many friends!

Soon Rebecca said she had something important to tell me. I then heard the most beautiful words in the world. Rebecca said, “Lacy, we have found a home for you. You will be safe and you will be loved. The people that stay in this home need your light and you will shine for them” 

 The next day I visited my new home at the San Antonio Recovery Center. Rebecca was right, they love me there. People sometimes look sad but I know how to make them feel better. Sometimes they need me to be funny, sometimes they need me to cuddle, and sometimes they just need me to sit quietly with them. I’m very good at knowing what they need.

 Thank you to everyone for helping to save me and helping me to live this beautiful life.

Thank you for keeping hope alive!


Love Lacy!





Give Now and Help us Keep Hope Alive! 

Give Now and Help us Keep Hope Alive! 

It’s the end of the year, but just the beginning for many!

Lacy is but one dog, but her bright future is the product of hours of volunteer time, tremendous effort by a foster to heal her body and spirit, and hundreds of dollars given by generous donors to ensure her safety. In the coming year there will be more animals like Lacy that need our help.

Below Read San Antonio Pets Alive!'s Executive Director, Maureen O'Nell's tender letter to Lacy and keep the hope alive by giving today!


Every dollar is matched to $50,ooo and tax deductible until midnight on December 31st!

My dearest Lacy,

We met not so long ago, less than a week after the hurricane had caused so much devastation and long before the effects would begin to recede. The anxiety was high driving to the shelter where you and many others were housed, having been picked up off the streets or relinquished before the rains came. Your kennel was needed so the lost family pets had a safe haven while their loved ones came looking for them. You were again vulnerable with no one to call you their own. No one was looking for you. 

When we arrived, we walked through the kennels to create our game plan for how best we would bring you all on the bus to drive back to San Antonio. It was moments later when I stepped outside when you inexplicably found your way out of the kennel and on to my lap. You were covered in a sticky film dogs suffering malnutrition often do. Your skin was a mess with so many wounds. You gave lots of kisses. You would be safe.

The next day I asked a volunteer to give you a bath and send me pictures. I was at the office planning the next rescue. You were at our clinic. I wanted to kiss you that day, but I had to let the tenderness come from others so I could tend to more. When I saw your picture in the tub, my heart ached. You looked like a worried walrus. I shared your picture. I wanted people to see your precious face and to know that you and all of your friends’ matter.

Your picture lead to your medical foster who loved you as much as I, instantly. Your picture lead to inquiries for adoption. I made the commitment that I would help find your home. You became my beacon for all those with no one.

We continued to receive calls to help other shelters, condemned and overflowing. Those of you who came in before the flooding had no one to protect you. We had to be the safety net. You were all at risk. During this, I received an inquiry about you and if you might be a therapy dog for people in a treatment facility, people working hard to recover from drug and alcohol addiction. We weren’t sure. But when you went on tv to talk about the hurricane with your foster, we started to see just how outgoing you are! You pranced, little Miss. You pranced and you shined. 

I remember when we went to meet your potential forever home at the rehab facility. The moment we walked in, any question of your desire to be there, your ability to know exactly who needed you to run up and plop on their lap dissolved. You were home. You would now have people who would look for you during a storm. 

You are a magical soul, Little Lacy.

Thank you for choosing my lap to plop on.

Thank you for now being the beacon to people who so desperately need you.

Thank you for reminding us to keep hope alive.

Love Always, 

Saving lives takes all of us, It is our obligation.

Saving lives takes all of us, It is our obligation.
It takes blood, sweat, and tears, but most of all it takes love.
Love of this difficult work, love for the San Antonio community, love like we have for Lacy. We invite you to read a letter of love, written to little Lacy by her devoted foster mom, Rebecca Stevens.

My Loveliest Lacy Girl-

The moment I saw you, I knew you were coming into our lives.  I saw everyone on Facebook frantically offering to adopt you, transport you out of state, rescue you.  I knew they saw your sad eyes, beautiful silver color, and heard your story but my heart said “This girl isn’t ready!  Her heart and body need to heal.”  I also knew you were SAFE.  You found the organization that would heal you, every single part of you.
The day I picked you up, my heart fell.  I saw your cuts, your scars, your ailing skin, heard your cough from a chest full of heartworms, felt your pain from missing your puppies, knew that hurt that was so obvious in your eyes for I had seen it too often before.
That day I made the promise to you that I make to all my fosters, “You will never feel hurt again - you will NEVER go anywhere that loves you less than I do.”
We got you home and got you straight into the bathtub for a lidocaine bath to soothe that skin followed by a sparkly t-shirt to protect you from your own claws.   Despite your scars, cuts, and scrapes, I couldn’t help but share your photos with the world.  You were adorable!  You were HAPPY!  You were born for glittery tees and flower bows.  You were made to shine!  How  quickly you learned to trust, to cuddle, to kiss, and to just be YOU.  Practically Perfect in Every Way Lacy!  The Mary Poppins of Puppies! 
My favorite day as your foster mom was a day I will NEVER forget.  You got to attend an event at Seaworld!  At this point little girl, you were a star.  You may not have known it just then, but you were a girl on the receiving end of so much love.  You got a special dress for the event.  Your skin was still not perfect - but you were - and you deserved for people to see you for who you were.  You walked into that event like you belonged there.  You greeted everyone with a kiss.  You wiggled your bottom and wagged your tail and then... dolphins!!!!  Oh little Lacy I have never seen such joy.  You squealed and squirmed and did everything you could to charm even the dolphins!  Charm them you did.
On the way home that evening, as we left Seaworld I laughed until I cried.  Your dress was untied, your foot was wrapped up in the tulle from the skirt, and the smile on your face was from ear to ear.  Lacy you taught me many things during our time together but that night you taught me a very important lesson.  No matter what your past looks like, no matter how bad things have been, look at the good in every moment.  Enjoy what today is.  You may not be able to fix the past or predict the future, but you can love the moment! 
I am forever grateful SAPA found the most perfect home for you.  I am so grateful that my promise to you was so easy to fulfill.  Little girl, you will never again be without love.  
Thank you for all the love you gave me.
Thank you for all the laughter you gave me.
Thank you for all the joy you brought to our home.
And most importantly thank you for teaching me so many lessons.
Little Lacy you are changing the world, and I couldn’t be more humbled and proud to have been a part of your life.

Foster Friday: Stay-cation Benefits

We all like to treat ourselves now and then — a spa day, an ice cream cone, or a relaxing nap can be just the thing to boost our moods and re energize our daily lives. We are now helping the pets housed at our facilities reap the benefits of these types of little treats.

With our new “Stay-cation Foster” program we pair dogs in SAPA! facilities with good Samaritans who want to help make a dog’s life brighter while enjoying the companionship of a furry pal for a few hours…or longer.



Not only will the pup benefit from the stay-cation, but you will as well! Here are 5 benefits to spending time with a dog:

  1. Dogs are good for your health. You know that saying, those with pets live, longer…it’s true. Let’s face it, life comes with many stressors, and stress is not good on anyone. Why take a break from life and de-stress with fun loving pooch?
  2. Puppy play date anyone? Enhance your dog’s social skills and exercise level with a foster dog play date.
  3. Got dog fever? Are you looking to add a furry friend to your pack, but aren’t sure if you or your pets are ready? Try fostering for a few hours and get a glimpse of what life is like with an adorable addition.
  4. Can’t commit to dog ownership? No worries, fostering is right up your alley. Come treat yourself and foster dog to nice long stroll and stop for a puppuccino at Starbucks.
  5. Endorphins booster? Yup, that is exactly what a stay-cation pup will do for you. They will make you feel amazing, because you are…you are taking the time to give a dog a break and in return you will get unconditional love.


When you take a dog on a stay-cation, these are the benefits you are giving that pooch:

  1. Give a dog a break or a bone…or both! Being kenneled does not sound fun for any dog. They were meant to run, jump and play. When you take a dog on a stay-cation, you’re giving them a break to stretch their legs and be connected with the outside world.
  2. You are so loved! Being in a kennel is not ideal for a dog, they are probably confused and feel vulnerable. Taking a dog out and connecting with them will show them that they are loved and safe.
  3. Bust out of your shell. Dogs living in a kennel setting don’t always show their true personalities. Some may seem fearful or very shy, but once you take them out and let them warm up to their new surrounds, it’s a whole new dog!
  4. You can increase the chances of the dog’s adoption. Some dogs might need a little refining and by spending a couple hours teach your stay-cation pup a few new manners will help him find his forever home.
  5. Every pooch needs some relaxation. Studies show that even an hour out of the shelter environment helps to reduce stress both short and long-term for a pup.


Introducing Our Newest Innovative Program – Stay-cation Fostering!

Introducing Our Newest Innovative Program – Stay-cation Fostering!

We all like to treat ourselves now and then — a spa day, an ice cream cone, or a relaxing nap can be just the thing to boost our moods and re energize our daily lives. We are now helping the pets housed at our facilities reap the benefits of these types of little treats.

With our new “Stay-cation Foster” program we pair dogs in SAPA! facilities with good Samaritans who want to help make a dog’s life brighter while enjoying the companionship of a furry pal for a few hours.

We place a premium on providing for the daily needs of animals. While caring for physical needs is paramount, it’s also important to provide mental stimulation through a process known in the animal welfare community as enrichment. For animals in shelters, enriching their lives can lead to immediate stress reduction, long-term benefits, and happy adoptions. Our efforts were inspired by a study launched by one of SAPA!’s supporting foundations, Maddie’s FundⓇ. The study revealed that dogs benefit from spending time with a loving person, and the psychological benefits extend even after their return.

The Stay-cation Foster opportunities will appeal to families that may be able to enrich dogs for a short while during holiday breaks from school and work. SAPA! Stay-cation Fosters give dogs a mini vacation from the kennels. These opportunities appeal to everyone’s schedule and can range from a 1-2 night sleepover, hitting the hiking trails for the afternoon, or just enjoying a morning Puppaccino. Director of Operations Clare Callison says “We are excited to launch this new program that will not only reduce the stress for our dogs in our kennels, but also increase exposure for our dogs on their way to adoptions. For those that may not be ready to adopt or have a full house already, this is an excellent way to positively impact a pup’s life!”

SAPA! will supply all Stay-cation fosters with the basic supplies they may need including kennels, treats, food, and even some cute “Adopt me” accessories that might help a dog find his forever family while on an outing. This program will focus solely on dogs housed at the Petco Adoption Center located inside the Ingram Petco at 6001 N.W. Loop 410, and PetSmart Everyday Adoption Center inside the Windsor Park PetSmart, located at 8520 Fourwinds Dr..

Dogs of all sizes and personalities are eager to enjoy their first Stay-cation! Get involved by filling out our foster form online here and selecting the Stay-cation Foster Option. Email Staycation@sapetsalive.org for more information.

San Antonio, together we’ve come so far! Where are we going next?

San Antonio is progressing steadily towards no-kill status. It is thanks to the people of San Antonio and San Antonio Pets Alive!’s supporters that we’re so close to saving all the dogs and cats in San Antonio. But our jobs are far from over.

It’s important to note that even with the great strides towards reaching no-kill, we have not stemmed the flow of homeless animals. In fact, 2016 saw San Antonio’s Animal Care Services picking up over 2,000 more animals than in 2015. This year, the number continues to increase, with a 3% growth in animals picked up year-to-date.

Last year, SAPA! saved 6,922 cats, dogs, puppies, and kittens from euthanasia at the city shelter. Despite that huge number, healthy dogs are still being euthanized. Without SAPA!, over 10,000 animals could have lost their lives at the city shelter last year.

Like you, SAPA! and its team of dedicated professionals are passionately committed to ending pet homelessness. In the coming posts, we’d like to tell you a little bit about our organizational leaders. It takes vision, optimism, and enthusiasm to guide others to take up the cause and join in the fight every day. In 2016-2017, our leadership team was made possible by a generous grant from Maddie’s Fund®. Thanks to Maddie, we are continuing to make a difference.

SAPA!’s leadership team includes the Executive Director, Development Director, and Operations Director. Last time, we introduced you to Operations Director Clare. Now, we introduce you to our Development Director, Krystal Mathis. 

The animals can only be saved by keeping SAPA!’s doors open, and SAPA!’s doors can only be open if there are funds to keep them open. As SAPA!’s Development Director, Krystal’s goal is to keep those doors open. She has been working for animals all her life. Growing up on a ranch in the Hill Country before gaining a degree in zoology and working at the San Antonio Zoo and other wildlife nonprofits, Krystal focused on animals throughout her early life and career. Through a lifelong process of study and experience, Krystal has become an activist for animals.

The Development Department is a complex department within any organization, and it can mean different things at different nonprofits. Development often encompasses communications, public relations, marketing, community relationship-building, and more. No matter what the individual tasks are, Development is the part of the organization tasked with bringing in the funds to keep the organization in operation.

Krystal says, “If there is one thing I want donors to know, it’s that we want to be good stewards of their dollars. We take seriously both the honor and responsibility of using their contribution wisely. People want to give to save animals lives, and that’s what we do. We don’t spend money frivolously. We function with a lean top-tier administrative department, and we get amazing things done with as little as possible. While I don’t think it’s necessary for nonprofits to always function in this way, still, it’s what SAPA! does. And it’s impressive.”

“Before I started with San Antonio Pets Alive!, the majority of my career had been wildlife-focused. When I applied for a position to work with SAPA!, I thought it was an organization that did a lot of good for animals in the community in the way a typical dog and cat shelter might. I didn’t know at the time that SAPA! does so much more. As I’ve learned about saving the lives of domesticated animals, I’ve come to understand that SAPA! is a unique and necessary part of the equation. Every city with an animal overpopulation issue needs to adopt this sort of model to get ahead of the curve. Otherwise, animals will continue to lose their lives unnecessarily, and that’s unacceptable.”

Krystal feels strongly that donors need to be appreciated and thanked for their efforts. She says, “The biggest supporter of SAPA! isn’t any one person, it’s a whole lot of individual persons! SAPA!’s community has stepped up again and again, giving to help animals in the city. They are making an investment in the type of community they want to live in, and we are working hard to bring that investment to fruition.”

Krystal is especially grateful to the members of SAPA!’s monthly giving circle, the Guardians. She explains, “While all gifts are important and valued, I marvel at SAPA!’s amazing Guardians, who so believe in saving animals’ lives that they give each and every month. While signing up to become a Guardian is simple, can be set to occur automatically, and can be for any amount no matter how big or small, Guardians demonstrate a level of steady commitment to the cause that is inspiring. Our Guardians are our backbone.” Anyone can sign up by visiting us at www.sanantoniopetsalive.org and clicking on the Guardians button.

As SAPA! moves forward in our life-saving goals, our leadership team helps mold that effort. It is Thanks to Maddie® that the leadership team at SAPA! is so strong.



Courage Makes Something Happen

You are generous.  We know this because you are a supporter of San Antonio Pets Alive!  Not every person offers their hard-earned money to animals in need – but YOU DO.  In fact, these animals you give to are so in need that their very lives are not guaranteed.  They are among the most “unwanted,” the most victimized, the most terrified animals in this city.  Many people think saving them is not even important—but YOU DO think their lives are worth saving.  So do we.  

In this holiday season as many focus on getting, SAPA! is especially grateful for your focus on giving.  And yet, as animal-lovers like you know, bigheartedness it is not a wholly human quality.  Sometimes it takes a dog like Courage to teach us all what gratitude, selflessness, and forgiveness really look like.

Courage came to SAPA! in July.  He was starving, hurting, and scared.  Several injuries were immediately apparent, including road rash and deep cuts and bruises.  Closer inspection revealed that he also had burn marks dotting his body – singeing away his white-and-brown fur to reveal painful pocks of damaged skin.  They were cigarette burns.  Courage had been a victim of cruelty.  This type of cruelty doesn’t touch everyone’s lives.  Some of us are lucky to avoid it entirely.  Some only see it through someone else’s eyes.  On this day in the sweltering summer, those eyes belonged to Courage.

Courage, for all his heartache, was repaid by humankind with a spot on death row.  All in a line of people who had seen him agreed that he was unsalvageable.  He was scheduled to be killed.  There was only one person left to see Courage before that happened — only two eyes that could save Courage from a certain death.  Gratefully, they belonged to a SAPA! employee.  She intervened on Courage’s behalf, and a new life for him began to emerge.

Courage had to be carried out of the facility in his rescuer’s arms – the sizeable dog too emaciated and weak to even walk a short distance.  While Courage’s face revealed that he was sad and in pain, there was something else in his face too.  His eyes shone as his wounds were cleaned and his pain was eased.  He stopped flinching at the gentle touch of SAPA!’s devoted veterinary technicians.  He came to look fondly at the caretakers who brought his food three times a day.  Regular feedings had never been part of Courage’s world.  Now he could rest, assured that his next meal was secure.  What Courage’s eyes showed was something like hope.

In a matter of days, Courage was wagging his tail, playing with his new friends both dog and human alike, and responding with kindness as he was treated with kindness.  Were it not for his fresh scars and hip bones pointing sharply beneath his skin, it would be easy to believe that Courage had always enjoyed the quality of life that SAPA! supporters like you insist upon.


Courage was eventually adopted and his new family loves him so much.  Courage’s story is not an extraordinary one at SAPA!, but only because SAPA! saves almost 7,000 lives a year.  Each animal has a story and is treated as an individual.  All of them show us how generous animals are as they reciprocate love even when it is a brand-new experience.  


We can save thousands of “Courages” by following his example and opening our hearts, plus opening our homes and opening our wallets.  Will everyone who reads Courage’s story care enough to get involved?  Sadly, we know from experience the answer is no.  But we also know: YOU DO.


Krystal Mathis
Development Director
San Antonio Pets Alive!

A Message From Maureen E. O’Nell, SAPA! Executive Director

You Create It! (1) (1)

Dear SAPA! Village,

Thank you all who were able to join us at our Homecoming Event this past Saturday!  We celebrated our move in to the Everyday Adoption Center at the PetSmart in Windcrest.  Several leaders from PetSmart Charities came to town to celebrate with us and capture some footage of all of the hoopla.


Bubba graced us with his presence for the ceremony as his adoption was official just before he and Sissy were crowned King and Queen.

It was a day filled with joy and anticipation about our future.  In a short speech, I gladly addressed the group to offer my own reflections.  This is what I shared:

“If you want to predict the future, create it.”

“Two months ago my two dogs and I arrived in San Antonio so I could serve as the Executive Director for SAPA!.  I knew about the reputation of the treatment of dogs and cats in San Antonio.  I had read about the Bailout.  I knew having been in animal welfare, if you are pushing to protect dogs and cats, you are an agency going through rapid change; not always easy to manage.

And, I knew the it.

SAPA! is founded on the tenet that killing is not the solution.  We are obligated to create life saving solutions.

I had my game plan.  I was going to meet everyone, learn San Antonio, evaluate and design processes.

On day three I learned we no longer would have the use of our largest tool, the adoption center.

Now what!?!

The it was the same.  We continued to exist to save lives. Now we came to the create part.

I watched the worried faces and felt the fear and anxiety rise.  We were terrified of not being able to save the lives of those most vulnerable.

My plan flew out the window.

We had already started our conversation with PetSmart Charities about the Everyday Adoption Center.  It was clear this alone would not allow us the same strength.  We started to talk about other tools and decided a mobile unit was needed.  A brilliant partnership was being formed.

We still have a lot of creating to do at SAPA! We need to build more partnerships.  We need to raise money.  We need to learn new processes.

The it isn’t going anywhere.  The it is because all of you: Volunteers, staff, donors, partnerships, foster, our community. You save lives.

Today we celebrate the launch of a catalytic partnership with PetSmart Charities. We celebrate community. We continue to look to our future…………

Because folks, IT IS OURS TO CREATE!

maureen signature (1)

San Antonio Pets Alive Fights to Keep Paul Jolly

As a condition of the emergency city funding that we were given this past summer, the backbone of our organization, The Paul Jolly Center, went up for proposal, meaning that other organizations could submit a bid to the city to take control of the center. Two other organizations submitted a proposal for review.

We received news this week and it was released to the public that the issue has finally come up forpaul-jolly2-131028 vote by the city council. It has been recommended that the center be given to another organization. The loss of The Paul Jolly Center will absolutely cripple our organization. We save over 6,000 lives a year with 50% of those lives being saved by our residence at the Paul Jolly Center. Several of our programs rely heavily on the space at this facility including our Foster Program and our Transport Program, which is centered around this facility and has saved over 400 (mostly large harder to adopt dogs) so far this year.

The animals that we save are unique in one special way- they have ALL found themselves, for one reason or another, on the city’s euthanasia list. We are their safety net and work day in and day out to try and save them all, with no intention to stop. The Paul Jolly Adoption Center allows us to have a facility where the public can go to adopt. Without this extra kennel space, we will have to downsize on the number of lives we are able to save and WE. CANT. LET.THAT.HAPPEN!



We must fight hard to keep our Paul Jolly Adoption Center. This is a critical time for us and the animals. We are urging all of you to please call all of the San Antonio City Council members and use your voice to help us keep the Paul Jolly Adoption Center. The animals are depending on us!




Roberto C. Treviño (District 1) – 210.207.7279     roberto.trevino@sanantonio.gov

Alan E. Warrick, II (District 2) – 210.207.7278     alan.warrick@sanantonio.gov

Rebecca J. Viagran (District 3) – 210.207.7064    rebecca.viagran@sanantonio.gov

Rey Saldana (District 4) – 210.207.7281                 rey.saldana@sanantonio.gov

Shirley Gonzales (District 5) – 210.207.7043        shirley.gonzales@sanantonio.gov

Ray Lopez (District 6) – 210.207.7065                   ray.lopez@sanantonio.gov

Cris Medina (District 7) – 210.207.7044               cris.medina@sanantonio.gov

Ron Nirenberg (District 8) – 210.207.7086         ron.nirenberg@sanantonio.gov

Joe Krier (District 9) – 210.207.7325                    joe.krier@sanantonio.gov

Mike Gallagher (District 10) – 210.207.7276       mike.gallagher@sanantonio.gov


P.O. Box 830006 San Antonio, TX 78283 | 210-370-7612 | info@sanantoniopetsalive.org

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