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Leading San Antonio to No-Kill

Leading San Antonio to No-Kill Congratulations, San Antonio! Your support has helped San Antonio Pets Alive! save more than 35,000 animals in the last 5 years, and your interest has brought the treatment of San Antonio’s animals to the forefront of the community’s consciousness. So, how did San Antonio go from saving 30% of the

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Meet Tulip

Meet Tulip It is our pleasure to introduce you to sweet Tulip!  We knew Tulip was special when we looked at her adorable little face, but upon first glance we had no idea how special Tulip was.  She has had more challenges than a newborn baby should have to endure, but our SAPA! village has

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PetCo + SAPA! = Happy Tails

Once upon a time, a kitty named Phoebe found her true love thanks to her two unconventional fairy godmothers–PetCo and San Antonio Pets Alive!  Here at San Antonio Pets Alive!, our mission is to save as many dogs and cats as possible and to make San Antonio the largest no-kill community in the nation. Our friends

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Courage Makes Something Happen

You are generous.  We know this because you are a supporter of San Antonio Pets Alive!  Not every person offers their hard-earned money to animals in need – but YOU DO.  In fact, these animals you give to are so in need that their very lives are not guaranteed.  They are among the most “unwanted,”

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Mail-in your donation: P.O. Box 830006 San Antonio, TX 78283

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