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As Valentine’s Day nears, we are thinking a lot about hearts. Many of the dogs we rescue from the euthanasia list have heartworm. In 2017, SAPA! treated over 770 dogs for heartworms. The incidence of heartworm is increasing, so in 2018 we estimate there will be over 900. While there is nothing wrong with these dogs’ spirits, we have some real work to do on their actual hearts.

Meanwhile, the hearts of families in other states without overpopulation issues are breaking – wanting the love of a dog in their lives but knowing they don’t want to breed or buy while shelter animals need a home. The only thing standing between these sweet, loving dogs and responsible, invested families is a parasite. Please help us rid these animals of this potential deadly worm and help them find the homes they deserve!



Each course of treatment for a heartworm-positive dog can run from $200-300. The cost of transporting them after they’ve healed is $150. Please help us heal these 7 dogs and then send them and other in-need dogs to their best opportunity for a new family. We need to raise $3,500 by Thursday, Valentine’s Day. Now is your chance to help! HELP THESE WONDERFUL DOGS NOW!

What is Heartworm?
Heartworm is the name of the condition created by the spreading of a parasitic roundworm that settles into a dog’s heart and lung arteries. Most effected dogs can be successfully treated. The infected dog goes through a course of treatment including medication to kill adult and immature worms and rest so that their damaged heart doesn’t have to work as hard. A typical treatment cycle is 5 - 6 weeks. We will keep giving another chance to dogs who want to love, yet have health issues that keep them at-risk. They can be treated though, and the holes in their hearts can be patched with your love and support.

Other ways you can help Heartworm Positive Dogs:
1) Kindle Reader to play audiobooks for our dogs: $100.
2) Cave beds to rest during recovery: $200 each. 
3) Medications to treat one dog: $144.23. DONATE NOW
4) Become a monthly giver, and with just $12 a month, you can save a dog with heartworm in one year. START GIVING MONTHLY

Give a Valentine’s Gift for Your Loved One Who Loves Animals!
Donate to SAPA!'s lifesaving efforts in the name of someone you love! We will send a Valentine's-themed email to the person of your choosing, letting them know they inspired a gift to SAPA! through their love of animals. DONATE IN HONOR OF SOMEONE YOU LOVE

Your gift acknowledgement will be sent soon after your donation is processed during regular business hours. If you want your acknowledgement to arrive on Valentine's Day, the donation must be processed before 7pm on 2/14/18.

“…Every time I lose a dog, they take a piece of my heart with them. Yet, every new dog who comes into my life gifts me with a piece of their heart. If I live long enough, all the components of my heart will be dog, and I will become as generous and loving as they are.” - Unknown

Mail-in your donation: P.O. Box 830006 San Antonio, TX 78283

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