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In 2016 San Antonio Pets Alive! launched this exciting new program and hit the ground running. Our Transport Program has spent the last year rescuing dogs slated for euthanasia in San Antonio and sending them all around the country to no-kill rescue partners. These dogs, primarily large adults, would have a hard time finding homes in San Antonio but are adopted quickly in communities without the pet overpopulation issues that we have in Texas, places such as the Pacific- Northwest, New England, and even Canada. Everyone can help us hit the road!

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One of our primary needs for Transport is Temporary Fosters. The commitment for transport fosters range from a few weeks to a few days. All Transport dogs are people and dog friendly. Most importantly, this short term commitment allows the space for SAPA! To save another dog from euthanasia. To find out more about how to help through fostering please email


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