$25K Match Challenge For Heartworm Treatments

Love is in the air at San Antonio Pets Alive! In the spirit of Cupid’s favorite holiday, an anonymous donor with a huge heart has offered to match all donations for heartworm treatments made between February 1st and Valentine’s Day (up to $25,000). Donations will help save the lives of all our dogs that have tested positive for heartworms, including this adorable senior Border Collie blend named Lou.


The average cost of care and treatment for a heartworm positive dog is $150. In 2014, SAPA! took in more than 100 heartworm positive dogs like Lou, with new ones coming through our doors almost every day. Heartworm disease is curable with the proper treatment, but without it many of these dogs won’t be able to survive.

Heartworm positive dogs have a considerably longer wait to find a home because of the cost and stigma they carry with them. Gifts during the match challenge will not only be doubled, but will help these deserving dogs become more adoptable and eventually find their way into a forever home. $50,000 will allow SAPA! to save countless lives through emergency medical care, starting by funding treatment for ALL heartworm positive dogs in 2015!

Our generous donor will double every donation made through February 14th. DONATE NOW to help give Lou and our other heartworm positive dogs a second chance at life!

Online fundraising for Have a Heart Match Challenge
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It was Worth the Wait!

Every now and then we get a chance to tell a heart warming story about a pet that has been waiting for too long to find a forever home. Cleo was with SAPA! for 363 days (that’s only 2 days short of a year!) before finally getting a chance to love a new family. Her journey began before reaching SAPA!.  Cleo was found roaming the streets by someone who was not as not dog friendly as we hope everyone could be. She was living in a crate and was eventually brought in to ACS to be cared for. After contacting her official owners we found she was certainly not a priority in the household. We kept hearing they were going to come get her so we kept caring for her, but they never did show up to take this sweet girl home.  SAPA was happy to have her with us at 151 until she found a new home to call her own! At the start she had some trouble hanging out with some of the dogs, but fortunately not all of them.  With the help of play group and our other teacher doggies,  she blossomed into a really social dog who loved everyone and vice versa!

Cleo finally succeeded in finding a forever family and home!  She is now more affectionally known as “Fen” and is said to be doing great! She has moved to Vermont with her family members where she has 5 acres to run and play in a wonderful grassy field. She looks amazing, is super social with other dogs, and loves to run and play with EVERY dog at the dog park. She is happy and healthy, and we did not expect anything less from a family that gives so much love! We are so thankful for Fen and her new family for allowing her to be a part of their family!

Don’t forget that here at SAPA! we have so many pets that have been part of our little family for longer than any pet should have to stay just waiting for a family to call their own.  Dogs as great as Fen may be hard to find, but if you give an old pet a chance they can show you how grateful they are and excited to be part of your life!

See Fen in her new home!

Happy Birthday Paul Jolly Center!

The Paul Jolly Center for Pet Adoptions is turning one this month. Since its opening in October 2013, The Paul Jolly Center for Pet Adoptions has been instrumental in San Antonio Pets Alive!’s ability to increase the live release rate at San Antonio Animal Care Services. With over 3,000 adoptions in less than one year, the center is now a focal point for SAPA!’s adoption program as well as a hub for community engagement initiatives at the Petco Pavilion including a monthly pet market, dog walking volunteer groups, weekly meetings for a local 4-H Club and the location of this year’s TPR “All Pets Considered” event. The central location of the center has allowed SAPA! to extend its supporter network and ultimately strengthen its presence within the community.

Meet Arabella
. She was 2 years old and suffering from mange and emaciation when she was rescued from the city shelter and taken in to our program. She was at the center for four weeks before being adopted by Laura Gonzalez. She was still recovering from hair loss caused by mange, but her new mom continued care with medication, coconut oil and love. She gained 15 lbs. and her beautiful fur coat grew back. Like many other adoptable dogs and cats at the center, Arabella found her happy ending!

In celebration of The Paul Jolly Center and to all of those that have supported our work this past year, SAPA! and Petco are teaming up to host a family friendly event on Saturday, October 25. Bring your wolf pack and have a doggone good time dancing to the beats of Jason Saldana, getting your grub on with Cheesy Jane’s food truck, winning our Halloween costume contest, and saying “cheese” for the pumpkin patch photo–op. The first 150 past adopters will also receive a Petco swag bag, so get there early! A special “Walk of Life” will take place at 1 p.m. in Brackenridge Park where all dogs and their humans are welcome to join. Of course, all of our wonderful pets will be available for adoption and freshly groomed thanks to Petco’s expert grooming department. For one day only, folks can add a new member to the family for a donation to SAPA!


Thank you for making our first year one for the books!
We could not have done it without our amazing supporters who have helped find homes for countless animals.  Your commitment to making San Antonio a No Kill city is demonstrated through your passion and generosity. With your help, we will become the largest No Kill city in the nation!

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Luke’s Story

On December 10, 2013, Luke was featured in the SAPA! Urgents & Adoptables Facebook album for dogs who had been slated for euthanasia at the city shelter. He was close to 24 hours away from being euthanized when he was saved by the Whittman family from Colorado. They arranged for Luke to stay in San Antonio until they were able to pick him up after Christmas. Luke had a surprise  waiting for him at pick up. The Whittmans did not go alone. They brought Sasha, their other dog with them to meet Luke. They became quick friends and wrestling buddies. They rode back home in the back seat together and even slept in the same travel kennel in a hotel room during the trip. Other than being, what his family called, an escape artist, Luke really didn’t have any issues adjusting to his new life. He loves to hike, go for walks and lie at his Dad’s feet while he works. Luke has been a blessing to his family. Having a young energetic dog really motivated them to get out and hike a lot more and enjoy the outdoors. Luke has had so many adventures since being adopted. He has hiked to the summits of quite a few mountains in the Colorado Springs vicinity including Muscoco Mountain, Mount Cutler, Tenney Crags, Cheyenne Mountain, Mount Herman, Mays Peak and has plans for the future. Some of Luke’s hashtags include: #WheresLukeNotAtMonarch and #HeresLukeAtMonarch . This dog has been given a great opportunity to live life thanks to the Whittman family. This is a perfect example of how much you can benefit from rescuing a dog. “This was a two-way rescue, because Luke has been a blessing to us.” The Whittmans unnamed-4Luke and his sister Sasha cuddling.  unnamed-1unnamed-3unnamed-2Luke   Thank You Whittman family for saving this amazing dog. Good luck on the rest of your adventures!

The Big Give

What is The Big Give? A community wide, 24-hour day of giving that will take place from midnight to midnight on May 6, 2014.

Why Give to SAPA during The Big Give?

– Life-saving Programs- In response to the thousands of healthy dogs and cats that are killed each year because the city runs out of space, SAPA! is working to increase capacity and adoption marketing through foster home recruitment, satellite adoption centers, and our new facility the Paul Jolly Adoption Center and has saved over 14,000 animals in a little over 2 years!
– Neonatal Kitten Nursery- As a solution to the 2,000 neonatal kittens that are killed because they are difficult to bottle feed, we created a neonatal nursery.  In 2013, we saved 50% of those kittens through our innovative Kitten Nursery.  In 2014, we hope to give them all a chance to reach an adoptable age.
– Parvovirus Ward- As a solution to the 800 puppies who are exposed to the life threatening virus, Parvo, we created a Parvo ICU Ward that isolates these puppies so that it cannot be spread, and then medically treats them for the 7 days it takes to clear the virus.  Once they test negative, they are immediately adoptable and healthier than ever.  This ground breaking ward saved over 500 puppies last year.
– Ringworm dogs and cats- As a solution to the 400 cats and kittens who enter the city shelter with Ringworm (a form of Athlete’s Foot) and were killed due to the contagious nature, SAPA! has created a Ringworm Ward that isolates these cats for their treatment, and then returns them to the adoption floor within 4 weeks.
– The Injured and Ill- As a solution to the 1,000 dogs and cats that are killed at the city shelter annually due to injuries sustained by cars, SAPA! is building a Medical Triage Center that will give all of these pets a chance at life through medical foster care, life saving treatments, and hospitalization.

SAPA!’s mission is to save every life! This includes the sick, the injured, the elderly, the orphans, and the abandoned. Please help us continue our life-saving mission by donating on May 6th!

Learn how you can donate on May 6th!

Mail-in your donation: P.O. Box 830006 San Antonio, TX 78283

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