It was Worth the Wait!

Every now and then we get a chance to tell a heart warming story about a pet that has been waiting for too long to find a forever home. Cleo was with SAPA! for 363 days (that’s only 2 days short of a year!) before finally getting a chance to love a new family. Her journey began before reaching SAPA!.  Cleo was found roaming the streets by someone who was not as not dog friendly as we hope everyone could be. She was living in a crate and was eventually brought in to ACS to be cared for. After contacting her official owners we found she was certainly not a priority in the household. We kept hearing they were going to come get her so we kept caring for her, but they never did show up to take this sweet girl home.  SAPA was happy to have her with us at 151 until she found a new home to call her own! At the start she had some trouble hanging out with some of the dogs, but fortunately not all of them.  With the help of play group and our other teacher doggies,  she blossomed into a really social dog who loved everyone and vice versa!

Cleo finally succeeded in finding a forever family and home!  She is now more affectionally known as “Fen” and is said to be doing great! She has moved to Vermont with her family members where she has 5 acres to run and play in a wonderful grassy field. She looks amazing, is super social with other dogs, and loves to run and play with EVERY dog at the dog park. She is happy and healthy, and we did not expect anything less from a family that gives so much love! We are so thankful for Fen and her new family for allowing her to be a part of their family!

Don’t forget that here at SAPA! we have so many pets that have been part of our little family for longer than any pet should have to stay just waiting for a family to call their own.  Dogs as great as Fen may be hard to find, but if you give an old pet a chance they can show you how grateful they are and excited to be part of your life!

See Fen in her new home!

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