Meet Tulip

Meet Tulip

It is our pleasure to introduce you to sweet Tulip!  We knew Tulip was special when we looked at her adorable little face, but upon first glance we had no idea how special Tulip was.  She has had more challenges than a newborn baby should have to endure, but our SAPA! village has stepped up yet again to help us save her life.

After an assessment by our foster manager,  we discovered that tiny Tulip suffers from a condition called Swimmers Syndrome. Swimmers Syndrome is a musculoskeletal disorder that generally appears in puppies at about 2 - 3 weeks old, or around the time that they start to walk. It is characterized by a flattened body and splayed legs.  Sadly, without intervention, it can be fatal to the puppies that are affected by it. Without treatment, their chest can become flattened under the weight of their body and they can lose the ability to eat.

SAPA! sprang into action, determined to do everything we could to help Tulip survive.  First, we called on our life-saving network of skilled medical fosters to try to get Tulip the care she needed as fast as possible and get her on the road to recovery. In a matter of hours Tulip had been bottle fed and was beginning physical therapy with a harness and leg bands to strengthen her legs and save her fragile life. The puppy has been placed with a dedicated medical foster who is devoted to ensuring her survival.

At San Antonio Pets Alive!, we too often see animals like Tulip who, without our intervention, would perish.  We can only rescue puppies and kittens with these acute medical needs with your help. It takes a village to care for these babies, and SAPA! Village we need you!

Consider becoming a guardian today, and help to ensure puppies and kittens like Tulip get the care they need, because together - We Save Lives!


PetCo + SAPA! = Happy Tails

Once upon a time, a kitty named Phoebe found her true love thanks to her two unconventional fairy godmothers–PetCo and San Antonio Pets Alive! IMG_7798 - Copy

Here at San Antonio Pets Alive!, our mission is to save as many dogs and cats as possible and to make San Antonio the largest no-kill community in the nation. Our friends at PetCo are special partners in this undertaking. While you undoubtedly know PetCo as a leader in providing premiere and budget-friendly products and services for beloved furry family members, you might not realize that PetCo also helps homeless animals find their very own purr-fect home.

Visitors to the PetCo at 6001 NW Loop 410 in San Antonio have probably seen SAPA! there inside the store, playing matchmaker for kitties and people. Over 1,000 animals have been adopted at PetCo since SAPA! joined forces. It was there that Phoebe met the Anderson family and her fairy tale dream came true.

Phoebe started out as a damsel in distress.  Little Phoebe came to SAPA as a frail and tiny 2 lb kitten. She had a severe upper respiratory infection and was also battling ringworm. For many city shelters, kitties like Phoebe are considered too difficult to treat and find homes for.  But at SAPA!, we routinely take in tiny kittens, senior animals, puppies with contagious diseases, and a lot of other animals who would make wonderful companions if only given the chance.  Our clinic nursed Phoebe back to health, and she recovered wonderfully from both the ringworm and her kitty cold.

IMG_7828After a couple of months of care, Phoebe was ready to go to our Petco adoption center.  One fateful day, the Anderson family came to have a look at the cats up for adoption in PetCo.  Our adoption counselors had a hunch that Phoebe just might be ideal for this family.  Pilar Anderson, the family matriarch, told the counselors that her family was considering a furry friend for their youngest daughter’s birthday.  Phoebe had been through a lot in her young life, but was ready for a loving home.  With a quick wave of the wand, the two fell in love and Phoebe was adopted a short time later.

Pilar says, “Adopting a kitten from San Antonio Pets Alive has been an extremely rewarding experience for my entire family.  Phoebe has quickly adjusted to our family of five.  She has full roam of our two story home and our hearts.  She brings great joy to my three children, and we couldn’t be happier with the adoption process at San Antonio Pets Alive!”

The Anderson family and Phoebe are lucky to have found each other.  While it didn’t take magic, it did take the determination and support of PetCo and SAPA!  who both urge you to consider adopting when you’re looking to add another family member.  Pilar agrees: “It is important for people to adopt from shelters because doing so truly saves lives. We absolutely adore Phoebe, she is the sweetest kitty!”

The End!


SAPA! Gets Sappy With KLEENEX!

Have you seen the new Kleenex viral ad campaign yet? Does anyone look familiar??

San Antonio Pets Alive! is THRILLED to announce our participation in Kleenex’s new “Messages of Care” social media campaign, and our happy pal Chance was more than ready to be in the spotlight! Chance and his pet parents Stacey and Michael are the focal point of Kleenex’s latest ad, and within the first 24 hours of the videos’ release on Facebook Chance already had MILLIONS of new fans from around the world.

You can check out the full video below. Get ready for the happy tears to start rollin’! (It’s a Kleenex ad for a reason, you guys.)



Kitten Season is in Full Swing!

As everyone probably knows, late Spring thru early Autumn is considered “kitten season”.  While nothing is cuter than a baby, the lack of care and the sheer number of stray and unwanted kittens can quickly overwhelm neighborhoods and shelters.  Adult female cats can start reproducing as young as five to six months of age, and will go into heat cycles every 14-21 days until they are pregnant.  Not only do stray cats experience danger from everyday occurrences such as traffic and other animals, but lack of food and shelter can also cause problems for a new mother and her litter.

Thankfully, San Antonio is starting to recognize the ever growing issue of unwanted stray and feral cats, and is offering many more resources to the public concerning these problems. When litters are discovered, and once kittens are weaned or surrendered to ACS so SAPA! can come in and place them in our Neonatal Kitten Nursery, their outlook is considerably brighter. Unfortunately, the mothers are often overlooked, and while their kittens hopefully go off to find happy homes, they remain pregnant season after season. That’s where we step in.

Our mission is to rescue the mothers and kittens together, as the survival rate is much higher when the kittens can be nursed naturally. Once that first step is taken, we work to promote spaying and neutering-which helps by preventing overpopulation while still saving moms and their litters from euthanasia. Please consider volunteering some of your time to SNAPA! to help cats and kittens during this busy season-volunteers for the Neonatal program, foster homes, bottle feeders and donations are always needed and appreciated!


-Roxanne Reeves

The Big Give S.A. 2015 Is Just Around The Corner!

Tuesday, May 5 at 12:00AM marks the official start of The Big Give S.A. 2015! What is The Big Give, you ask?

The Big Give S.A. is a 24-hour online giving day that will take place from midnight to midnight on May 5, 2015. The purpose of this community-wide giving challenge is to increase public awareness of the impact local nonprofits make in addressing our community’s social challenges, bring nonprofits and donors together to expand online giving, connect people to the causes that move them the most, and, of course, make giving fun!


  1. INVEST strategically in San Antonio’s nonprofits
  2. DRIVE the community forward through collective impact
  3. LEVERAGE giving with matching funds and prize incentives

This sounds great and all, but what does San Antonio Pets Alive! have to do with it?

2014 was the introductory year for The Big Give S.A. In one day, the city raised over $2 million for local nonprofits, more than doubling their goal of $1 million. San Antonio Pets Alive! participated as one of The Big Give’s registered nonprofits and had the most unique donors for a large organization, raising over $28,000 for San Antonio’s pets!

Our goal this year is to crush last year’s total, and we need your help to do it! On May 5, visit The Big Give S.A. to help us raise awareness and funds for San Antonio Pets Alive!.

Follow us on Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram for live updates on our progress during The Big Give, and get in on the action to help us spread awareness!

  • Twitter: Tweet us @sapetsalive for a chance to receive a puppy gram at your office! To show our appreciation for our donors, we will be sending “Puppy Grams” to a few of our lucky supporters throughout the day. Let us know where to go and who to ask for, and an adorable surprise might just be coming for a visit!
  • Facebook: We’ll be posting event details, personalized thank you’s to our donors, and a video every hour telling one puppy’s story as he is given a second chance at life.
  • Instagram: Post pictures of you and your rescues and tag us @sapetsalive! We’ll be “regramming” some of our favorites and posting some of our stories as well.
  • SAPA! Website: Watch our live puppy cam while you work! We’re streaming live, all day from our puppy room at our Petco Adoption Center. Is there anything better than spending your day with a precious little pup?? We dare you to find out for yourself!

Join us at the following locations to celebrate The Big Give throughout the day on May 5! We’ll be enjoying some of the best pet-friendly dining in the city as we raise excitement about getting involved with such a great cause!

  • Bakery Lorraine: 7am-10am, raffle ticket sales and donation station
  • TopGolf: 10am-2pm, special games and competitions can be played/entered for a donation to SAPA!
  • Chipotle at The Quarry: 2pm-6pm, a portion of every sale will benefit SAPA!
  • Canyon Cafe: 6pm-9pm, raffle ticket sales and drawing
  • The Lost Bar & Grill: 8pm-11pm, Karaoke for a Cause

Click here to participate in THE BIG GIVE S.A.!

Claudia the Cali Girl

Claudia has been with SAPA! for 221 long days, but when the wonderful Petco Foundation decided to help us find homes for some of our long-term stays (pets that have been at our shelter for a particularly long time), it only took three days for her to find a forever home!

Claudia made the move to her sunny new home in beautiful San Diego, California. Her adopter, Meagan, was so excited to bring Claudia home, and Petco made an amazing contribution by sponsoring her entire adoption, flight and all! Congratulations to both Claudia and Meagan, we couldn’t be happier for you both!

So You Found Newborn Kittens. Now What?

It’s not uncommon to find a litter of kittens, especially during the warmer months of the year. It’s hard to fight the urge to pick the cute, helpless babies up and take them home with you, but there are several reasons to stop and think before you take action.

  • Look for their mother. Before you touch the kittens, make absolutely sure their mom isn’t coming back for them. 90% of the time, the kittens only seem like they’ve been abandoned, and in actuality their mother is just out searching for food. Stand far away from the kittens while observing the area, keeping in mind that their mother won’t return for quite some time if they sense your presence.
  • Check for any immediate danger. Are the kittens in an unsafe area? Is inclement weather likely in the near future that could disrupt their health? If not, the best thing you can do is leave them alone as their mother is the best chance they have at survival. You can come back and check on them later to make sure they are being taken care of.
  • If the mother returns…you can rescue them all together, or help keep the mom well-fed and sheltered until the kittens are old enough to be weaned (around 6 weeks). Make sure their food and shelter are in separate places; they won’t want to attract other cats to the area where they sleep.
  • If the mother doesn’t return…the kittens should be relocated and bottle-fed until they are old enough to be weaned. If you are able to provide them with the attention and care they need, we have lots of resources to help guide you through the weaning process. If you don’t feel you are able to adequately care for them, you can contact our Neonatal Kitten Nursery or surrender them to the city shelter, where we will step in to keep them healthy until they are ready to be adopted.

Learn more about our Neonatal Kitten Nursery here!

Holly’s Long-Awaited Home!


Some of the pets we rescue get adopted before they can even settle into their cozy kennels, while others take a while longer to find their perfect match. Holly was a “long stay” who had been with us for over a year!

Holly became a huge part of the SAPA! family during her extended vacation with us. She is full of love and is an absolute sweetheart, but it took some time for potential adopters to see the wonderful qualities Holly possesses that we were able to see every day. Holly had a record of being picky when it came to making friends with fellow dogs, but after her time and training with us she has learned to trust and enjoy their company quite well.

The day Holly had been waiting for finally came yesterday when her future parents walked through our doors. They played ball with her and were really impressed with how athletic she was. Holly loves to run, which is perfect because her parents love to run too! They decided they couldn’t leave without her, and Holly went home with the family she had been waiting 386 days to find. Holly and her new family are looking forward to an active, outdoorsy, and above all, loving life together.

Have fun Holly, we will miss you dearly!


Our Partnership With First Connect Insurance

We are thrilled to announce our unique partnership with First Connect Insurance. First

Connect is the “first” auto insurance provider with a heart and a mission to give back to

the community located right in your backyard. They share the same values and the same

social consciousness that you and your family share. First Connect’s vision is to change

the way people view their auto insurance. First Connect is partnering with San Antonio

Pets Alive! in order to provide sustainability and by serving our community’s needs. Their

mission is to cultivate respect for your premium dollars by contributing a 10% profit

sharing check to individuals that are claims free for the policy year. Policy holders are

then able to donate their 10% profit sharing checks to San Antonio Pets Alive!. If you

choose to donate a portion or all of your profit sharing check to San Antonio Pets Alive!,

First Connect will write a check in “your” name and may qualify as a tax deductible


As for our partner, First Connect, Everyone needs car insurance… so why not chose a

company that believes in your furry friend, the future of our community, and all those

who live in it, whether two legged or four!

For more information on how you can start connecting and start making a difference

please go to or call us at 877-287-6055



 Like First Connect on Facebook!

7 Reasons To Adopt A Senior

Senior dogs and cats are surrendered to shelters every day, and statistics show that they are some of the least likely pets to be adopted. Though they might not be as cute and innocent as puppies and kittens, they still have just as much love to give!

Nellie is about 13 years old, weighing approximately 14 pounds, and she has a lot of pep in her step! Nellie loves to go for walks, stepping briskly with her tail constantly wagging, and gets along great with other dogs. Nellie is an absolute love; she does great with kids, walks nicely on a leash, and is an all-around super star of a dog.

Nellie is about 13 years old, weighing approximately 14 pounds, and she has a lot of pep in her step! Nellie loves to go for walks and gets along great with other dogs. Nellie does great with kids and is an all-around super star.

Here are 7 reasons why you should adopt a senior pet:


Adorable, lovable, and enjoys his walks! Beethoven is a happy senior with still some pep in his step! He is about 55 lbs and 8 years old. He would do best in a home without cats or small dogs. Beethoven would love to find a foster home to call his own, he is heartworm positive, but his treatment is paid for, all that is missing is his foster family!

Adorable, lovable, and enjoys his walks! Beethoven is a happy, 55 lb. 8 year old. He is heartworm positive, but his treatment is paid for. All that is missing is a family!

1) They enjoy easy livin’.

Naps, movie nights, sleeping in- they love it all!

2) They’re not a 24/7 job.

Older pets don’t need the constant monitoring that puppies and kittens require. They tend to be quiet, housebroken, and really low maintenance.


3) They settle in quickly!

This isn’t their first rodeo. They know how to adapt pretty quickly to their family because they’ve done it all before.




Charley is a handsome orange and one tough cookie– he doesn’t have any teeth (from having FIV) but he chows down no problem! Charley loves a nice nap in a windowsill and soaks up all the pets and back scratches he can get! Charley is at least 8 years old and lookin’ for love!

This little 12 year old Chihuahua is an absolute love bug! She is a great dog with such a wonderful personality. She gets along with other dogs, kids, and walks nicely on a leash! She is fun loving and is the perfect lap dog!

This 12 year old Chihuahua is an absolute love bug! She is a great dog with a wonderful personality. She gets along with other dogs, kids, and walks nicely on a leash! She is fun loving and is the perfect lap dog!

4) What you see is what you get!

You know their energy level, size, grooming requirements, etc., all from the start. No puppy surprises!


5) They are PERFECT for anyone wanting a calm

Older dogs are really easy to walk and play with because they don’t have the never-ending energy of a young puppy anymore. They are especially well-suited for households with older children or empty nesters. Older cats are totally cool with hanging out on the couch and don’t need a bunch of fancy toys to keep them occupied.



6) They qualify for senior discounts!

For our Seniors for Seniors program (adopters 55+), all of these dogs and cats have waived adoption fees! You can try using them to get a cheap breakfast at Denny’s too, but we’re not making any promises.


7) They are REALLY cute!

Need we say more?!

A staff favorite and a sweet boy who has been in the kennels for a very long time! This guy loves his afternoon naps but really peps up when he goes for his walks on the trail! Charlie is sweet with people, kids, and other dogs too. He's a mellow type of dog with a lot of love to give! Charlie would love nothing more than to find a foster home so he can be treated for his heartworms! He's about 60lbs and 8 years old.

A staff favorite and a sweet boy who has been in the kennels for a very long time! This guy loves his afternoon naps but really peps up when he goes for his walks on the trail! Charlie is sweet with people, kids, and other dogs too. Charlie would love nothing more than to find a home. He’s about 60lbs and 8 years old.

This adorable Rat terrier/Dachshund blend is a 7 year old sweetheart, great with other dogs, mellow, and very loving! He's good with kids and has the friendliest personality! Hunter is about 14 lbs, with a short, stocky body- adorable!

This adorable dachshund blend is a 7 year old sweetheart, great with other dogs, mellow, and very loving! He’s good with kids and has the friendliest personality!

This adorable little Chi enjoys her naps more than anyone in the kennels! She's a quiet senior girl with lots of love to give! She loves her treats, a cozy bed, and shouldn't take up much space at all, she is only about 9 lbs full grown. Chica loves a quiet home, she is good with other dogs, but not too fond of small children or hands in her face-- but she would do find with an older child in the home. Chica is looking for a home that can help her through her heartworm treatment, could it be with you?

This adorable girl enjoys her naps more than anyone in the kennels! She’s a quiet senior girl with lots of love to give! She loves her treats, a cozy bed, and shouldn’t take up much space at all, as she is only about 9 lbs. full grown.