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Give Back, Get Benefits!

San Antonio Pets Alive! is a 501c3 non-profit dedicated solely to saving pets at the city shelter who are kenneled and awaiting euthanasia. San Antonio Pets Alive! has saved 40,000 of these animals in San Antonio since 2012. Time and again, our community has indicated that how this city treats animals is important. Last year, San Antonio Pets Alive! finished 2nd in the Big Give out of all 648 participating local nonprofits.

Giving to a cause is like giving back to your business as well as your community! A 2010 study indicated that 85% of consumers had a more positive image of a company that supports a cause, while 90% of consumers want companies to tell them how they’re supporting charitable causes. Supporting a charity even affects employees! According to Project ROI, corporate social responsibility can increase employee engagement up to 7.5%, increase employee productivity by 13%, and reduce employee turnover by 50%.

SAPA! has made it easy for you to reap these positive benefits while helping animals through the Big Give. You can participate in some or all of the opportunities below.

    • Appeal to your customers and your network by creating your own peer-to-peer networking page
    • Peer-to-peer networking is a way to appeal to your customers and/or employees to give back and track their progress online. Functioning much like social media, this opportunity allows you to build your own customizable page that joins the network of pages raising funds for SAPA! Let your valued supporters know that your business cares about giving back, while also providing a new way to engage them. To set up your own page, first visit the SAPA! Big Give Page and click on the “Fundraise” button. Now you’re ready to customize your own page! Click here for downloadable resources. When communicating with your network, it helps to let them know how they can best help you, whether it is by creating their own fundraiser or donating to yours.
    • Donate an item for contest prizes
    • Our peer-to-peer strategy includes providing incentives for others to raise funds. You can donate items, services, and gift certificates that will go to the hardworking fundraising winners! Contact for more info.
    • Donate matching gifts
    • Each hour in the 24-hour Big Give day is an opportunity for SAPA! to earn additional prizes from the organizers. By donating $1,000 or more, we can encourage our own donors to participate by doubling their gift. Each giving level includes a host of marketing benefits.

The Big Thanks

  • Donate $500 and receive a dedicated social media post with SAPA!’s 50,000 social media reach, using your hashtag of choice.

The Big Link

  • Donate $750 and receive a dedicated social media post using your hashtag of choice and a linked logo on the Big Give Partners page.

The Big Power Hours

  • Host a matching-gift power hour for $1,000 or more, and receive a power hour social media blitz with at least 4 social media posts, in addition to regular corporate benefits for that level.

The Big Deal

  • If all combined donations reach a higher benefit level, you will receive the increased benefits for that designated level.

EXAMPLE: If you host a power hour for $1,000, but all totaled donations within that hour reaches $2,500, you will receive the benefits for the Lap Dog level.(See all Corporate Level Benefits here


For more information, contact


The Big Give is South Central Texas’ 24-hour day of online giving, fueled by the power of generous donors, creative nonprofits, social media, collaboration, and you! The goal of the Big Give is to support the nonprofits in our region. Since 2014, 150,00 donors have given nearly $15 million dollars to over 2,000 nonprofits through the Big Give, making it one of the most successful giving days in the country.

San Antonio Pets Alive! is a 501c3 non-profit dedicated to saving pets at the city shelter. San Antonio Pets Alive! has saved 40,000 of these animals in San Antonio since 2012.

Mail-in your donation: P.O. Box 830006 San Antonio, TX 78283

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