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Bottle Baby and Kitten Feeders needed… For anyone that’s looking for a rewarding volunteer experience see below. You can share the experience with your family and children can also bottle feed under parent supervision. They need all the help they can get to save all these bottle babies. These bottle babies are too cute.  There is usually a Bottle Feeder class every Wednesday night at 7:00pm.

There are 140 kittens + at 9107 Marbach Rd. Suite 109 in the San Antonio Pets Alive Kitten Unit. We have more volunteers showing up but we need more. About 40-50 are bottle-fed, others eat gruel. If you don’t bottle feed, you could clean cages or put food & water in the older kitten cages.  The kitties always love donations of kitty litter, canned pate kitten/cat food or hand sanitizer!

Evening volunteers are needed desperately – even a couple hours would make a huge difference and save lives!

Please ask your neighbors or friends if they have 1-2 hours to spare during the day to go help.


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